The unspoken race for that ‘summer body’

Last summer in Prauge (center)

Feeling wonderful last summer in Prauge (center)

The days are becoming warmer and brighter. Invitations for barbeques are relentless. These slight changes to my life can only mean one thing….

Each day I am going to be forced to become more naked. As my ‘diet’ from winter has not yet evolved and my pasty blotchy legs have not said hello to UV rays for a long while, I need to sort myself out. Two weeks until things really start hotting up. Fuck.
Bringing me some form of mere condolence is the other many girls and boys, who I am friends with, who are thinking ‘fuck’ too. The other 60% of my friends, despite the lack of excercise they do?!, are toned, tanned and not blotchy. As there WILL be photos of me, next to these goddesses, I need to start sorting my bod out using a few steps.

1) Visit the sunbed twice a week. Yes I am aware of their dangerous outcomes, however I am pale, blotchy, veiny and bruised so a forced tan is the way to go if I am going to look half summer ready.

2) Eat healthy and not late. My diet is not atrociuous and I am already slimish. But I would love to lose a few pounds before bouncing around, in a bikini at a festival, next to toned up boho babes. I have also noticed that eating healthy food makes me feel fabulous and gives me a natural glow that does not go un-noticed.

3) SLEEP. 8 hours a night and I look and feel better. 3 hours sleep and an eight hour shift at work (after a heavy night of drinking, dance and drugs) makes me look how I feel. Like fucking shit. And also messes up my body clock for a good 2-3 days.

4) Flattering clothes. Yes, I need to invest but how can I when I have yet to sprout a summer bod?

5) Effort. Effort is something I lack. Shaving every hair on my body, Keeping my nails fresh and neat. Going to sunbeds. Making a meal not buying takeaway. Going for a run.

I have TWO weeks to put in the effort and willpower to regain the body I had last summer. If I have done it before I can do it again.